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Super Penthouse

- 311 Bay St



Escape to your Super Penthouse, three-levels of magnificence that are entirely yours to admire. A grand lobby welcomes you home and an elegant aesthetic prevails throughout with floor to ceiling windows illuminating every spectacular detail. With such an abundance of square footage, and two huge wrap around terraces, The Super Penthouse is completely customizable.

An entire level can be can dedicated to entertaining, if you wish. And four spacious bedrooms can be arranged to include a private in-law suite, sequestered library, or great room—The Super Penthouse caters to your imagination. The spire of the building is the very top floor, with enchanting views and enough natural light pouring in to house a conservatory. If you are living in The Super Penthouse, you are encouraged to dream big.






Approx. Sq. Ft.



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